photoPages written: -3, (97 pages or 27 701 words)

Percentage work done compared to plan: As can be seen above, I did not exactly do well this week, maybe 50%? I am proud I put in my ECAS abstract, had some issues with statistical help and have now merged all my documents, but not really written anything.

Unforeseen problems: Health, my back is very sore and my nose is running, was basically in bed all day on Monday. Also a flat tyre plus a bolt that was stuck and the ensuing alignment and balancing lost me lone full day of work.

Unforeseen joy: My daughter started eating food! Soon I will not have to pause my thinking every other hour to feed her! Also the UG PhD handbook was published online, so now I know more about my deadlines and obligations.

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Email supervisors Ch1& 2, meet with stats help, let someone review my interview guide.


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