Progress Report Week 12/25

photoPages written: 7

Percentage work done compared to plan: 50% (still, still! working on my theory chapter, but today is the very last day!)

Unforeseen problems: Hunting down the interviewees I want for the last leg of my field research.

Unforeseen joy: A phone call from a Ghanaian professor interested in my project!

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Interview 4 students and transcribe the results.


Progress Report Week 11/25

photoPages written: 10

Percentage work done compared to plan: 50%

Unforeseen problems: Overthinking stuff

Unforeseen joy: Some late-in-the-project mental breakthroughs.

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Start interview process and EMAIL CH 1&2 to supervisors! Its is probably typical and tragic to not dare to send text. I know for a fact it is not the best, but I feel its too much work in progress to send now :-/

Progress Report Week 10/25

photoPages written: 4

Percentage work done compared to plan: 25%

Unforeseen problems: Suddenly not very productive although it was a break from work.

Unforeseen joy: Spending time with friends. Finding some solutions to ideas. Applying for a conference with an abstract that turned out well ( I think).

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Concluding the first two chapters by Wednesday and sending them to supervisors (WAY OVERDUE!), Thu-Fri finding interviewees in my database, doing the first interview and transcribing.

Progress Report Week 9/25

photoPages written: 13 – including figures and tables!

Percentage work done compared to plan: 80%

Unforeseen problems: Insecurity, doubt and computer freezes (but found an on-point chapter in a methodology book on psychological effects of doing a PhD!)

Unforeseen joy: One the other hand a deadline gives energy and focus!

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Rest one day, then email supervisors, I need help with what goes where and maybe cutting some ideas out.