Progress Report Week 12/25

photoPages written: 7

Percentage work done compared to plan: 50% (still, still! working on my theory chapter, but today is the very last day!)

Unforeseen problems: Hunting down the interviewees I want for the last leg of my field research.

Unforeseen joy: A phone call from a Ghanaian professor interested in my project!

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Interview 4 students and transcribe the results.

Video: My presentation at IAS, UG on March 5, 2015

Now, my research seminar from March 5th, 2015 at Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, is available on YouTube for those of you interested in my research. In this one-hour-seminar, I talk about the rationale for my research and results from my e-survey among university students in Ghana.

Progress Report Week 11/25

photoPages written: 10

Percentage work done compared to plan: 50%

Unforeseen problems: Overthinking stuff

Unforeseen joy: Some late-in-the-project mental breakthroughs.

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Start interview process and EMAIL CH 1&2 to supervisors! Its is probably typical and tragic to not dare to send text. I know for a fact it is not the best, but I feel its too much work in progress to send now :-/

Progress Report Week 10/25

photoPages written: 4

Percentage work done compared to plan: 25%

Unforeseen problems: Suddenly not very productive although it was a break from work.

Unforeseen joy: Spending time with friends. Finding some solutions to ideas. Applying for a conference with an abstract that turned out well ( I think).

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Concluding the first two chapters by Wednesday and sending them to supervisors (WAY OVERDUE!), Thu-Fri finding interviewees in my database, doing the first interview and transcribing.

Progress Report Week 9/25

photoPages written: 13 – including figures and tables!

Percentage work done compared to plan: 80%

Unforeseen problems: Insecurity, doubt and computer freezes (but found an on-point chapter in a methodology book on psychological effects of doing a PhD!)

Unforeseen joy: One the other hand a deadline gives energy and focus!

Next week I plan to achieve the following: Rest one day, then email supervisors, I need help with what goes where and maybe cutting some ideas out.